[Seminar held in Dutch] The growing market of products and services in the healthcare sector that make it possible for people to be able to stay at home longer and safer, also offers you opportunities.

The aging population is an opportunity for entrepeneurs and health organizations. But how do you, as a healthcare entrepeneur, approach that market? Which revenue models are possible? And is there perhaps a possibility to make sure your service and/or product is refundable? InnovAGE (a Leuven-based organization) in collaboration with the Innovationcenter and Leuven.Inc present to you: The seminar ‘Doing business in care’. In this seminar, you will learn the necessary insights and the do’s and don’ts. 

Comate actively participates in projects for innovation within the healthcare sector. We will speak at the ‘Zaken doen in Zorg’ conference. During this seminar, we will present one of our cases for inspiration, and we will also participate in the final expert debate.