Designing an electric racing car and then taking it to the races in Hungary? Sounds great! It is exactly what a team of Belgian engineering students managed to do, under the approving eye of Comate.

Have you already heard of the Formula Student Competition? It is an annual design competition for electric racing cars between university teams from all over the world. Again, a Belgian team was present as well, with the team called Formula Electric Belgium, a collaboration of the KU Leuven and Thomas More. The team got a nice third place!

Co-design with Comate

As a proud sponsor of this event, Comate was all too happy to give a helping hand. Because we too like a little competition. We accompanied Formula Electric Belgium throughout the design process of some of the components and followed up on the progress together with them every week.

“More specifically, for the design of the in-wheel components, Comate’s expertise was a great added value,” says team leader Gert-Jan Paulus of Formula Electric Belgium. “Last year, Comate gave us great support in the transition to a four-wheel drive system.”

Technological masterpiece

Building a new electric racing car is not a simple task. Formula Electric Belgium therefore went through intense months of designing, production and testing.

“This success was preceded by nine months of hard work,” says Gert-Jan Paulus. “We started collecting ideas in August last year and kicked off the design phase in September. Until the beginning of December, we were busy with drawing up the car, carrying out simulations and selecting the right products.”

Learning entrepreneurship

The Formula Student competition has a lot to do with entrepreneurship. As a student, you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of the entrepreneur and to realize a project from A to Z. This way, you get a feel of everything that has to do with business operations: management, project planning, entrepreneurship and innovation.

A little advice and guidance from specialist Comate engineers is always welcome, right? For one thing, the team was able to make the Belgian car even more efficient than in previous years. Our heartfelt congratulations to the whole crew!