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Electrics & Electronics

Through every development step, electrics & electronics need to stay on track with mechanical design to make sure all critical systems can be prototyped and tested to minimize the risks in the later stages.

Electronics prototyping

Delivering Innovation with Precision

Our engineers know the drill and operate like a well-oiled machine to deliver innovative solutions, with the same level of quality in every engineering discipline. As we do in our mechanical development, we focus on building Proof of Concepts through early-stage design, breadboarding and testing to evaluate different electronic design solutions.

Explore and Check Feasibility

The key is creativity and speed to explore solutions and check feasibility. Electronics prototyping also play an important role in automating test setups to evaluate the performance of mechanical (sub-)systems.

Cupple electronics

Schematics design & PCB layout

Although a device may perform all its intended functions using the breadboarding approach, this is not a reliable solution for series production. The next step in the process is to transfer the electronics architecture to a custom PCB design, which integrates all functions, requires no manual assembly work and is more reliable.

Quality First

Throughout the whole process we stay focused on quality, reliability, cost and regulatory compliance.

Electrical design

While the electronics are the brains of the device, electrical design focuses on delivering electrical power to where it’s required (e.g. PCB, motors, lighting,…) and reducing safety risks to an acceptable level. Electrical design typically plays a big role in machinery automation. In these applications the logic is usually handled by a PLC.

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