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Electronics Engineering

Our expertise underpins the advancements within various sectors, leveraging cutting-edge PCBA and FPGA technologies.

What is Electronics Engineering

Specialization in PCBA and FPGA technologies

Our expertise lies in the design and development of Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) and Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technologies. These components are pivotal for the innovation and functionality of modern electronics. Our capabilities extend to managing a variety of package sizes and board configurations, including rigid, flex, and flex-rigid PCBAs.

Optimized electronics design process and tools

Over the years, we have refined our electronics design process, evolving into a highly efficient and effective methodology. Utilizing Altium Designer Professional’s comprehensive component libraries and optimized design process with design reviews and checklists, our engineers focus intently on the essence of design work.

Deep understanding of manufacturing processes and standards

Our team’s extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes and standards ensures that we can navigate the complexities of electronics production. This expertise allows us to deliver not just innovative, but also cost-effective electronics solutions. We maintain strong partnerships with multiple PCBA manufacturers, striving for short lead times and high-quality products for both low and high production volumes.

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How we practice Electronics Engineering at Comate

Rigorous design review protocols

We employ stringent design review protocols, meticulously examining each electronics project for quality and performance before progression. Our systems are designed with a harmonious integration of advanced PCBA and FPGA technologies, providing extensive customization and scalability.

Emphasis on simulation and modeling for accuracy

Utilizing advanced simulation and modeling, we rigorously test and refine our electronic circuits. This commitment to precision ensures that our end products are reliable and accurate. It's a testament to the +800 projects we've worked on.

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Our commitment to quality

Regulatory Compliance

We possess a thorough comprehension of regulatory requirements for various applications, spanning European CE marking and US (FCC, UL, FDA) standards. Our in-house pre-compliance testing capabilities, particularly for EMC, play a crucial role in mitigating non-compliance risks from the earliest design stages. Influenced by the ISO 13485 standard, our quality management system ensures consistent and traceable processes throughout our electronics development lifecycle.

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