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We understand the financial challenges faced by hardware companies in bringing innovative products to market. Our comprehensive funding support is designed to navigate the complexities of financial planning and subsidy applications.

Funding 2024 03 01

What funding for hardware involves

Subsidy application and collaboration

We guide hardware companies through the process of applying for various subsidies, including VLAIO subsidies (KMO portefeuille, R&D, etc.), and Flemish Brabant’s innovation subsidy. Our reputation and knowledge in the field strengthen applications, improving the likelihood of success.

Creating evidence-based pitch decks

Our expertise extends to help crafting compelling pitch decks that clearly showcase market traction and product potential. We use engaging visuals to effectively convey product ideas and captivate investor interest.

Investment sizing for future needs

Comate's strategic approach involves defining R&D funding needs for the foreseeable future. We use roadmapping and comprehensive COGS/CAPEX analysis to accurately determine investment requirements, facilitating informed decision-making for sustained growth.

How we secure and manage funding

Co-pitching support with subsidy applications

Our support in co-pitching for subsidies and investors leverages our expertise to enhance the credibility and appeal of funding applications. We bring the strength of our brand to the table, adding value to your funding endeavors.

Detailed financial planning and analysis

We are your right hand help in offering clear input and guidance to create robust financial plans. These plans effectively communicate the viability of your business to potential investors, outlining a clear path to financial sustainability.

Ensuring quality

With 13 years of experience and more than 800 projects brought to market, Comate stands as a testament to successful funding strategies. Our history is rich with instances of aiding hardware companies in securing the funding they need to innovate and excel.

Get in touch with our experts

Funding is a hard and long process. So let's get started by getting to know each other first.