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Industrial Design and Usability

Design is much more than making pretty pictures or nice sketches. It’s about making sure we are making the right product for the intended audience.

User-Centered design

The number one reason that more than 70% of new businesses and ideas fail is because of lack of customer demand. Design is about bridging the gap and making sure the product is solving the right problem in the right way (for the right price). We include stakeholders and end users from the start and throughout the process via research, observation and co-creation. This ensures a good fit between your product and your customer, guaranteeing maximum success when it hits the market. We help you to define the customer needs that you should focus on to create maximum value.

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Ideation and Innovation

Our unique combination of both designers and engineers allows us to generate the best ideas by bringing out-of-the-box thinking and technical expertise and experience together. Ideation and innovation are core expertise throughout our process, from start to finish, matched precisely to the requirements of each phase. From high-level concepts to detailed technical solutions.

Usability (UX/UI)

The interaction between humans and machines has always been a source of frustration, but also of delight, if done correctly. In some cases revolutionizing whole industries with products that place the user first. We carefully map and examine the user flow of your product and identify risks and potential use errors early on. Our designers are able to optimize your products interface and experience for your end user. Creating better product experiences speeds up market adoption, and can create a unique advantage over your competition.



Equipped with a library of both manufacturing technologies and aesthetic finesse, our designers are able to create beautiful designs that not only strike a chord with your target audience, but are also feasible. Our unique designs help you stand out in a crowd and push your brand values into the physical world.

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