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Ruben Merre - Why Comate?

27 July 2020

ZERO, the coldest wallet on the planet, was successfully launched on Indiegogo last month. We asked Ruben Merre, CEO of NGRAVE, three questions about our collaboration.

What was your main concern that would have prevented you from partnering up with us?

An SME sized company that I didn’t know from before and so I first needed to test the waters.

What surprised you most during our collaboration?

The level of dedication, passion, proactivity, and collaborative mindset. Comate, and more specifically the people we worked with from the team, are pure gems. Three values stood out:

Transparency: a good example is how third parties are in full transparency shared with the client, and the idea is to set up and co-build the relationship so that the client can then take over the direct relationship when appropriate.

Proactivity: Comate thinks together with the customer not just in a reactive, but in a proactive way. This is one of the most important skills a product designer should have. Think about what’s next and take it into account. Come to the client with ideas, questions, etc. to ensure a smooth product design but also industrialization process.

Integrity: Our Comate contacts were punctual in their meeting notes, were organized and structured in project management, were honest, dependable, and interested.

I highly appreciate the proactivity, transparency, and integrity of the team we worked with. I’d do it again without the slightest doubt.

Ambitions for the future?

We’ll be developing new hardware and software products. For the hardware ones, we’ll definitely keep an eye on a potential collab with the Comate team. We’re also looking forward to having our products ZERO and GRAPHENE, both co-designed with Comate, shipped to the 72 countries they’ve been ordered from already. We’re eager to see our baby conquer the world and the hearts of people looking to protect what’s theirs!

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