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Problems we solve: Can I patent my idea?

6 August 2021

It really depends on your idea. In many cases, working with talented patent lawyers often leads the discovery of certain elements that can be protected. A “general” idea is rarely protectable since specifics are exactly what makes a strong patent. You can however always deposit an iDepot or similar: this only shows precedence without the need of publishing and has no merit of its own but is admissible as evidence should legal dispute arise.

On the other hand, you have to keep in mind what you are trying to achieve with your patent. Patents do not come cheap and are rarely enforceable as a small player. The more countries you want to protect for, the more expensive it becomes. Of course, there are upsides: a Belgian patent grants you a tax break on the development of your idea and investors are often looking for patents as it gives them some reassurance of their investment.

In the end you must decide for yourself if it makes sense to protect (parts of) your idea or if you will be competitive in another aspect of your business. But not all ideas can be protected.

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