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Our process and why you can jump in at any time

We strive to make the right product, and to make the product right.

A product development process is never exactly the same. With over 10 years of experience, we have refined our approach to hardware in a few distinct phases. Whether you're looking to step in at any phase or step out once your prototype is complete, our flexible process allows to seamlessly adapt to your needs.

1 | Project definition

At Comate, we believe in setting clear expectations and outcomes from the start. We work closely with our clients to define the project approach, framework, boundaries, team, and timeline. By aligning all stakeholders and team members, we ensure everyone is on the same page, working towards a common goal and give your idea the best chance to succeed.

2 | Idea validation

Before diving into development, we understand the importance of validating ideas. We go beyond assumptions and turn them into facts. Our dedicated team focuses on the defined end customer, challenging the business idea, and validating the target customer's problem.

Concept design

3 | Concept design

Creating a strong vision is crucial for successful product development. Through extensive exploration of user needs, vision sessions with customers, and defining the visual direction of the concept, we ensure that our solutions are aligned with real-world requirements. By making strategic decisions based on these insights, we set ourselves up for success during the development phase.

4 | Feasibility

We believe in building with purpose and feasibility in mind. Our team confirms the technical feasibility of critical goals and ensures the usability of the intended solutions. Through the creation of lean "works-like" prototypes, we validate the concept, identify potential use errors, and define the technical requirements necessary for a seamless user experience. By addressing potential challenges early on, we mitigate risks and pave the way for a smooth development process.

System design

5 | System design

Detailed engineering and design are at the core of our expertise. Our team leverages prototyping techniques to build a system that complies with the defined requirements. By carefully selecting the most suitable technologies and considering integration challenges, we create an integrated, scalable product. The result is an Alpha Prototype that embodies the concept, providing valuable insights for further optimization.

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Kobi - PC model

6 | System Integration

Engineering consistency at scale is a key aspect of our approach. We aim to reduce the risk of product failure in the field and any subsequent issues that may arise. Through prototyping the manufacturing process on a smaller scale, we refine processes and tools to ensure consistent performance across each produced unit. By conducting a pilot run and testing the system thoroughly, we safeguard product quality and reliability.

7 | Design Verification

We leave no room for uncertainty when it comes to design. Our team conducts thorough verification processes to ensure the system meets the defined requirements. We perform final control and verification, ensuring that the design outputs align with the initial design inputs. By adhering to rigorous quality standards, we deliver reliable and robust products.

8 | Design transfer

As we near the completion of a project, we formally transfer ownership of the design to our clients. By agreeing upon the knowns and unknowns of the design, we ensure a smooth transition and empower our clients to move forward confidently and get ready for manufacturing.

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