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About us

The passion for innovation, and the drive and ambition to develop the best possible product are the foundation of our entire organization's mindset. Everything we do, and every decision we make, is based on giving that product or idea the best chance of succeeding in the market.

Our story

Innovation, pioneering, and changing other people's lives is what drives us

Founded in 2010 as a pure mechanical engineering and design office, Comate has now become a full-service company. It started with the idea to combine engineers and designers in one team. In 2022, we acquired electronics specialist Zenso. Now, a group of more than 80 software, electronic and mechanical engineers, together with strategists, industrial designers and usability specialists share the same passion: to develop innovative products from idea to production and beyond. We have a strategic partnership with companies to make their product a success. Neither numbers nor growth, but innovation, pioneering, and changing other people's lives is what drives us. Growth is just a consequence of our work attitude.

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Our team culture

When we asked the jury members in 2019 why they voted us SME of the year, one of the answers was:

"Because of Comate's team spirit and passion. When we visited your offices and workshop during the nomination period, we could not guess who the founder was. Each one of you talked about the company as if it was your own. The way every employee spoke about the products they were developing was like it was their life's work".

Every member of our team strives to become stronger every day. Questioning how to perform better and giving feedback on each other's work is part of our incredible company culture.

Quality by success

We measure quality by the success of the products we develop. Due to this philosophy, we helped our customers to file more than 50 patents and win more than 50 awards in the past 10 years.

Comate Ventures

We’ve been active in Hardware for more than 20 years and brought to market dozens of pioneering Hardware products. To leverage the brilliant early-stage ideas to become the next big thing, changing the world as we know today, we started Comate Ventures. A pre-seed fund 100% dedicated to Hardware startups.

Serious about your Hardware products

Developing a hardware device is challenging. You often have only one shot. By joining forces with us, your development time decreases, and your risks diminish. In the past 10 years, we optimized our process to develop new devices as efficiently as possible while ensuring that every decision made delivered a peace of mind. Thanks to our knowledge of production techniques and our network of suppliers, we save you months. Once we start working, there is only one common goal: a successful product.

Let's discuss your idea

We help you build your product. High quality, smart engineering and attractive design combined. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your project.