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Industrial Design and Styling

Comate excels in industrial design and styling for hardware, understanding the profound impact of design on user perception and brand identity. Our approach combines aesthetic appeal with functional practicality.


What Industrial Design and Styling at Comate involves

Embodying the identity of your brand

We acknowledge the pivotal role of first impressions. The design of our devices not only reflects their functionality but also embodies the values and identity of your brand. This initial interaction sets the tone for the user experience.

Our designs aim to create a meaningful relation between the product and its users. We believe that products that resonate personally are more valued, fostering brand loyalty and transforming users into brand ambassadors.

Communicating intent through design

At the core of our design and company philosophy is the clear and effective communication of a device's intent and purpose. We ensure that every design element aligns with the function it fulfills.

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How we practice Industrial Design and Styling

Developing a physical design language

We use mood boards and develop a physical design language for your product, akin to a brand guide, ensuring a consistent and cohesive aesthetic that complements your brand. Our design process includes comprehensive studies of color, material, and finishing options. This approach ensures that our designs not only look good but also resonate with the intended audience.

Explorative sketching and high-end computer imaging

We engage in explorative sketching and high-end computer imaging to visualize and refine our concepts. This process balances innovation with practicality, ensuring our designs are both forward-thinking and feasible.


Our commitment to quality

Emphasis on physical look and feel models

We create physical look and feel models that serve as tangible versions of renders. These models are crucial for evaluating styling choices and material selection, and they play a vital role in marketing and exhibitions.

Continuous improvement based on feedback and market trends

We are dedicated to continuously improving our design process, integrating feedback and staying updated with market trends. This commitment ensures our products are not only appealing but also meet the highest standards of functionality and user experience.

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