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Strategic Design

At Comate, strategic design is a lot more than just a workshop. It's about bridging the gap between innovative technology and market needs. Our approach is grounded in practicality and viability, ensuring that technological solutions find their rightful place in the market.

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What Strategic Design encompasses

Technology to product at various stages

We often navigate various stages of project maturity in strategic design, each with its unique challenges. Clients may have promising technology but lack a defined application or market. Our task is to identify a significant market opportunity that aligns with the technology’s potential. This process is about crafting a match that creates tangible market value.

As projects evolve, we encounter scenarios where an opportunity is spotted, but market traction is uncertain. Here, our strategic design acumen is pivotal in gauging the technology's market fit. Once the market viability is established, we focus on detailing the solution, like choosing between different product forms that serve the same purpose.

The final stage involves refining the solution, targeting the right audience, and incrementally defining product functionalities. Each phase is a meticulous blend of aligning technology with market needs and foresight, ensuring the end product is not just feasible but also primed for market success.

Creating a product roadmap

We develop efficient product roadmaps based on market and financial constraints. Our goal is to define the leanest path to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), enabling revenue generation at the earliest possible stage.

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How we practice Strategic Design

Aligning technology with market trends

Our process includes aligning your technology, team, or company’s core strengths with existing markets and emerging trends, finding the optimal product-market fit. We conduct interactive workshops, qualitative, and quantitative market research. Our approach involves consolidating insights and providing expert advice to guide focused and efficient development.

Adapting to marketing and cash constraints

We take into account marketing restrictions and financial limitations, defining specific customer segments with the highest need and willingness to pay for targeted and successful development.

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Our commitment to quality

Close to 15 years of experience in product development

With more than a decade of experience in product development, we have witnessed a diverse range of cases, from startups to large corporations. This history brings a depth of knowledge and insight to each project we undertake.

Emphasis on customer-centric and market-driven solutions

Our focus is on creating customer-centric and market-driven solutions. We prioritize designing products tailored to meet the specific needs of the target audience while maintaining the highest standards of quality and innovation.

With our talented team of engineers, we identify technical challenges early on and take these into account while enabling strategic decision making.

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