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How do I give my product the right look and feel?

Developing an innovative product that doesn't exist yet is not an easy task. During the development process, stumble blocks emerge. Our team took the time to analyze what to consider when thinking about branding and giving your product the right look and feel.

Let's talk about your product's look and feel

Our advice to help you choose from different look and feel options for your product

In addition to functionality and cost price, the styling of your product can also be an aspect that will determine its success on the market. Therefore, it is essential that your product also resonates with your target group and that it fits within the user environment you are aiming for.

The first step in such a process is to map it all out. You’ll need to map out who your end-user is, what they attach importance to, and in which circumstances/environment your product will be used.

Suppose you develop an outdoor tool that will be used in rough weather conditions, then you will also opt for a rugged look in your styling. You will provide large buttons and larger handles and focus on the product's performance in the design. However, if you develop a product for people's interior, their home, you will pursue a completely different styling.

Another aspect is that styling can help to express your brand identity. Suppose you find ecology important, then it is best to reflect that in colours, materials, and the general design language of your product.

It can also help to expand your product portfolio consistently, which will increase recognizability in the market.

We hope these tips & tricks will help you get a better idea in choosing the right look and feel for your product!

If you’re in need of a good partner, we can always help you figure this out for your project. Interested? Let’s plan a quick meeting to talk this through!