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If I combine 2 devices that are both CE marked, is that automatically CE marked?

Developing an innovative product that doesn't exist yet is not an easy task. During the development process, stumble blocks emerge. Our team took the time to give some advice about combining two CE market devices.

Let's talk about combining CE marked devices!

Our advice to help you understand the difficulties when combining two CE marked devices

When two devices with an individual CE mark are combined in a new device, is that device CE marked by default? Unfortunately, the answer is no. It is not because those two elements, modules or products themselves have a CE marking that this is still the case when putting them together. This is due to the fact that CE marking applies only in the context of a certain environment.

For example, it might happen that you’re using a wireless router intended for an office environment to build in another product intended for an industrial environment. But, in that different environment, different requirements apply.

For example, concerning immunity to external electromagnetic radiation coming from nearby machines. That's an example to show that CE marking is not automatically applied. You still have to check for yourself whether the applied rules to the individual products are still relevant to the new environment and whether the parameters that play a role remain the same.

We hope these tips & tricks will help you get a better idea of how CE marking works!

If you’re in need of a good partner, we can always help you figure this out for your project. Interested? Let’s plan a quick meeting to talk this through!