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Comate stimulates innovation worldwide with the development of revolutionary products. Our team of engineers and designers translate the ideas of our clients from different sectors to a success in the market. We focus on technical expertise, in combination with usability and a design that reflects the quality of the product.

Our expertise is in the process of developing marketable, high-tech, mechatronic, mechanical or electronic products and machines, starting from scratch, from a technological proof of concept, a prototype or from an existing device that needs to be made faster, more robust, waterproof or optimized for production. For this process to be successful, collaboration is key.

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Defining Scope
Desk Research
Field Observation
Market Scan


Subsystem Definition
Test Setups
Proof of Concept


Combining Solutions
Implementing Styling
Product Blueprint
Golden Sample


Design for Manufacturing
Production Files & BOM
Supplier Selection
Production Startup

Frequently Asked Questions

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That’s a project right down the alley of Comate. Our army of engineers that draws on a variety of sectors to shape their ideas can offer you unique solutions.

We have a track record of successful projects in waterproofing (IP 65, IP 68) housing, enclosures, and devices. We have patented a number of the waterproofing solutions that we have offer to partners in the past.

We have the engineering and technical know-how to optimize your product for the market (optimization, design for production, assembly, handling, transport, and so forth). Further, we provide a design that eliminates all of the abundant technicalities and stigmatization. This results in a modern and manageable device tailored to the end user (Human Centred Design).

Medical product development is one of the key foci of Comate. We work according the ISO13485 standard for medical product development, product testing in both pre- and clinical studies, monitor your DHF-file, and we can rely on a extensive network of international contacts in the medical industry.

We can provide you with full information about the subsidies that you are eligible for.

Comate is an engineering and design company that creates various Patents for our clients year after year. Our client will own all the intellectual property rights about the new product invention of the project. We have extensive experience with filing Patents and we can provide you with full details on how to file your Patent (for example, a European Patent or an International one, fiscal benefits, creating claims, …)

Every project requires a tailored cooperation mode ranging from a single engineer or designer to an entire team. Similarly, the project time management is different for each project: some run over the course of multiple years whilst other require a few days.

We develop photorealistic renders for you that you can utilize to convince your investors about your project.

We complete a subsidy application file with you (if applicable).Renders?? We start from a 3D design and allocate the appropriate materialistic features to the various parts of the model. Our experts add all relevant information about lighting and shading and you will no longer notice that it’s not a real photo that you’re looking at.

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