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Bright Energy

Revolutionizing power supply on construction sites with a smart and modular battery unit

  • Mobility and modularity for easy transportation and adaptability on construction sites
  • Energy efficiency and optimization through intelligent power storage and usage
  • Real-time monitoring and control for enhanced operational efficiency and convenience
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Bright Energy, founded by three passionate siblings, set out on a mission to tackle the power supply challenges faced by construction sites through their innovative and modular energy solution. Driven by a deep passion for ecology, they initially targeted the residential market but swiftly redirected their focus to the construction industry. Their goal? To develop a mobile and modular battery unit tailored specifically for construction sites.

Although scalability and manufacturability were initial struggles, through our collaboration, we managed to develop a functional prototype that became the cornerstone of their smart battery unit. Setting this all up with our Ghent based team was a big asset in allowing for easy communications.

The battery unit offers a mobile and modular energy solution by effectively storing power during off-peak hours, leveraging the flexibility of electricity rates. When construction workers require power, the battery unit seamlessly taps into the stored energy, ensuring a reliable and efficient power supply throughout the construction site.

What sets Bright Energy's battery unit apart is its unique capability to monitor individual electrical plugs on the construction site. This granular level of monitoring enables the identification and elimination of unnecessary power usage, leading to remarkable energy efficiency improvements. Furthermore, the power flow can be continuously monitored and optimized in real-time through a user-friendly digital application, providing construction site managers with unprecedented control over power usage.

The result of this collaboration is a battery unit that not only offers enhanced power management but also delivers individual plug monitoring and real-time control. By providing construction sites with a sustainable and efficient power source, Bright Energy empowers the industry to embrace greener practices.

With a long-term vision of promoting ecological solutions, Bright Energy is committed to providing durable, reliable, and affordable alternatives for power supply on construction sites. By combining innovation, sustainability, and efficiency, Bright Energy's smart battery unit is revolutionizing the construction industry's approach to power consumption.

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