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A unique isokinetic test system

  • Used by cycling team Deceuninck-QuickStep
  • One of 5 innovation projects for Flemish Brabant
  • First isokinetic device in the world that can test power using a certain cadence

In a nutshell

After 2 years of intensive engineering a unique isokinetic test system has been developed. The set-up allows cyclists to perform output measurements with their own bike, allowing them to recreate the levels they reach during races. The development was a strong cooperation between the scientists from Bakala Academy and our engineers, sponsored by the province of Flemish Brabant. It is the only test system where riders can do these kind of tests on their own bike.

Watch the interview with Laurens De Plus and Peter Hespel on Sporza


The full story

Bakala Academy is well-known in the cycling world. World-class athletes who are looking for medical tests, body measurements, running analysis and so on are attracted by the new technology the institute has to offer. One of the most frequently used test set-ups for cyclists and triathletes is the isokinetic strenght test.

The original device was developed at KU Leuven. When Sander Van den dries - co-founder at Comate - was visiting Bakala Academy, he noticed the test set up. A unique concept, but it was starting to wear down a bit and the product could use some optimalization. "Since there was no budget to start from, we decided to fill in a project for subsidies from the province, which we eventually received as one of five innovation projects from Flemish Brabant", says Sander Van den dries.

Bakala Academy x Comate

Get to know the full story about how we co-created this high-tech testing device!

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