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One Tap by Bar.on

Beer innovation at its finest: Bar.on launches molecular mixing machine with unmatched convenience and customization

  • Innovative cartridge system
  • Fool-proof molecular mixing
  • Personalized beer in seconds

In a nutshell

With precision-engineered dispensing, rapid cooling, and unparalleled ingredient accuracy, this marvel of innovation pushes the boundaries of what's possible in the world of brewing.

Bar.on's mission

Bar.on, a visionary company in the beverage industry, approached Comate with an innovative project idea - a molecular mixing machine designed to revolutionize the process of making beer. The objective of the project was to create a convenient and eco-friendly solution for mixing specific ingredients to produce a wide variety of beers.

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From development to solution

Bar.on had a well-defined concept and pre-existing recipes. However, the existing process required significant manual effort and precision. So, our task was to develop a machine capable of accurately combining ingredients and carbonating water, simplifying the mixing process for users.

We analysed various system components individually, focusing on cooling and carbonating water, precise ingredient dispensing, efficient ingredient mixing, and the overall housing design. Our team drew inspiration from existing solutions such as water carbonators for both home and professional use, as well as accurate application techniques found in medical pumps or syringe setups.

The most significant challenge during the development process was achieving the necessary accuracy in ingredient dispensing. The machine had to dispense ingredients with a remarkable precision and handle small volumes to consistently deliver the desired taste profiles. Additionally, challenges included rapid water cooling, and achieving high carbonation levels as mentioned before, and integrating all the technology into an aesthetically appealing and compact housing.


The One Tap's innovation lies in its ground-breaking approach to beer production, providing an instant and customizable experience. Furthermore, the machine's ability to dispense ingredients with exceptional accuracy while maintaining a compact form factor sets it apart in the market.

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The One Tap offers several distinct advantages over traditional beer production methods. Firstly, it provides logistic convenience by eliminating the need for large refrigeration systems. The machine requires only a limited amount of concentrated ingredients to produce a diverse range of beers, reducing storage requirements. Additionally, the One Tap contributes to ecological sustainability by eliminating the need to transport large volumes of water since tap water can be used instead.

The One Tap is a B2C product targeted at beer enthusiasts who enjoy exploring different flavours and customizing their brews. As a high-end product, it currently serves as a showcase of cutting-edge technology in the industry.

Status & next steps

Bar.on is currently working on the development of the 'One Tap Pro' version, an upgraded iteration of the One Tap that will target the B2B sector. This version will offer enhanced ingredient capacity, faster beer tapping capabilities, and advanced cooling systems to cater to a broader customer base.

One Tap by Bar.on - any beer in a matter of seconds

More about Bar.on

Interested about what Bar.on has to offer? Check out their website for more info!

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