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And& Leuven | Innovate for the better

20 April 2021

And& Leuven is the festival for innovation. Sander Van den dries, co-owner of Comate, is speaker at the event. He will join 4 of the session hosted during the 5-day event. Below, you can find an overview.

21/04 | Entrepreneurial Summit | Hydrogen & The Energy Transition in Flanders

At 11:00, Sander Van den dries will join the subsession on Hydrogen & The Energy Transition in Flanders. We’ll take a deep dive into the recent developments of hydrogen, together with Jacques Vandermeiren, Danielle Devogelaer, Johan martens and Astrid De Keyser (Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT)

24/04 | iCapital | Fast paced innovation show

During the iCapital show, And& sets the stage for some of Leuven’s best changemakers and for tasty technology brewed in town. Four topics: #gezond, #klimaatneutraal #inbeweging and #iedereenmee. Comate will join the discussion in three of them:

#gezond: We’ll talk about our collaboration with imec for the development of the ground-breaking SARS-CoV-2 tes that can identify corona using virus particles in a person’s exhaled breath. Other speakers are Frank Vandenbroecke, Peter Peumans, Wouter Van den Bosch (imec), Johan Neyts, Isabelle François (Health House), Steven Dom (Siemens) and Lore Baeyens (Samen onderwijs maken Leuven).

#klimaatneutraal: Comate will point out the need for innovation to save the climate. Sander Van den dries will debate the topic with Katrien Rycken (Leuven 2030), Peter Van Biesbroeck (Voka - Chamber of Commerce and Industry Flemish Brabant), Simon Sterck (Leuvense klimaatjongeren) en Kris Broos (VITO).

#inbeweging: The speakers are Imana Truyers, Peter Willems (OH Leuven), Linda Corstjens (Flanders Make), Cindy Winters, Steven Dom (Siemens) and our very own Sander Van den dries, together with REIN4CED.