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Health meets Hardware at Flanders Technology & Innovation in Leuven

8 April 2024

Comate Shines at Flanders Technology & Innovation Leuven Festival with Groundbreaking MedTech Installations

Comate, a leading engineering and design company, has demonstrated its prowess in the intersection of health and technology at the recently concluded Flanders Technology & Innovation (FTI) Festival in Leuven. The festival, which centered on the theme "Health Meets Hardware," saw Comate captivating attendees with its innovative "Body of the Future" installation, garnering attention on national TV Kanaal Z.

The highlight of Comate's participation was undoubtedly the unique "Catwalk" event, where technology met real-life application. Comate's co-owner, Sander Van den dries, took center stage to narrate the technology behind Epic Blue, complemented by live demonstrations from firefighters, showcasing how these advancements tangibly impact lives.

The FTI Festival brought together more than 600 professionals from the health and hardware sectors, sparking conversations and connections that underline the importance of technological integration in healthcare. Comate played a pivotal role in these discussions, particularly through the first-ever Active Implants Summit, which convened 20 industry leaders to share insights and innovations in active implants and bioelectronics.

Comate's "Body of the Future" installation was a portal to the future of healthcare, inviting visitors to explore how advancements in technology can enhance human capabilities, improve quality of life, and revolutionize medical interventions. This immersive experience, located at Martelarenplein in Leuven, was not just an exhibition but a statement on the potential of hardware and technology in shaping the future of healthcare.

The festival, organized by Leuven MindGate in collaboration with a host of partners, was a testament to the vibrant innovation ecosystem in the region. Comate, along with other innovators like ONWARD Medical, Orgonex B.V., UNEEG medical A/S, and the Recius Project, showcased the limitless possibilities of healthcare technology.

As we reflect on the success of the FTI Festival and Comate's significant contributions, it's clear that the fusion of healthcare and hardware is not just the futureā€”it's the present. Comate remains committed to being at the forefront of this exciting journey, developing solutions that not only innovate but also improve and save lives.

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