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Comate receives certificate as Baanbrekende Werkgever 2024

27 November 2023

The certificate 'Baanbrekende Werkgever' is the key commitment to ensure sustainable HR practices and employee well-being

Comate is Baanbrekende Werkgever 2024

About this program

The certification program, Baanbrekende Werkgever, is designed to foster learning and growth across the three pillars. Only organizations successfully completing this learning journey are awarded.

What's Covered? The themes evolve annually to align with HR challenges. Throughout these themes, we maintain a sustainable perspective on people and the planet, all while keeping business objectives in focus.

This program fuels our determination to consistently place our employees at the forefront. We are motivated to intensify our efforts in areas such as mobility, sustainability, and hybrid working, reaffirming our commitment to a people-centric approach.

Our engagement to be a Baanbrekende Werkgever

Through an intensive learning journey, we've implemented various initiatives to elevate our internal processes. This certificate also inspires us to continue this journey in 2024, providing all Comate colleagues with an even better work environment.

Why? To ensure their hardware ideas can flow without limits!"

At Comate, we prioritize our team's well-being with a flexible approach to remote work, allowing a healthy work-life balance. Our redesigned offices, featuring activity-based workspaces, cater to individual needs.

Sustainability is key – we're electrifying our fleet, offering mobility budgets, and promoting cycling. Our offices near public transport hubs underscore our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

We support employee well-being with perks like fresh fruit, soup, and a listening ear. Our flexible policies and encouragement of a feedback culture contribute to a healthy work environment.

Talent development is a core focus, encouraging on-the-job growth, personal development, and initiative. At Comate, we're dedicated to innovation, support, and fostering a sustainable career for our team.

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