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Comate & MedEnvision at world's largest orthopedic fair

26 March 2015

It started two and a half years ago when a team of orthopedic surgeons went to MedEnvision asking for a medical solution. In a partnership with Comate, this triumvirate designed a patented medical device that has been launched at AAOS, the world’s largest orthopedic trade show, held in Las Vegas. A first batch of 20.000 pieces is being produced at press time.

The first development of MedEnvision, the GRIPPER, is a patented self-retracting device that was originated by an unmet need. The lack of nursing staff and/or assistants forced the surgeon to search for alternatives. The GRIPPER is fixed on a retractor (a surgical instrument used by a surgeon to open the surgical incision or wound) and therefore replaces the nurse or assistant who usually holds the retractor in place. Many advantages arise by using the GRIPPER: stable and reliable positioning of the retractor, soft tissue sparing and bone preserving, optimal visibility of the surgical field and reduction and reorientation of manpower.