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Sander Van den dries of Comate gives an interview for 'Innovatiefnemers'

21 November 2023

To celebrate 'Dag van de Ondernemer' UNIZO and VLAIO organized the "Innovatiefnemers" podcast

Innovatiefnemers x Unizo Sander VDD

To celebrate 'Dag van de Ondernemer' UNIZO and VLAIO organized the "Innovatiefnemers" podcast, delving into the theme of innovation. The six-episode series explores the past, present, and future intersections of innovation, featuring insights from various entrepreneurs.

Sander Van den dries, Co-founder of Comate, contributed to this podcast by sharing his experiences and perspectives. The podcast takes listeners on a journey into the world of contemporary inventor Sander Van den Dries, who, along with a team of 90+ like-minded individuals at Comate, dedicates his time to finding hardware solutions for diverse challenges.

In this episode, listeners are treated to stories about steam engines, diamond vaults, and encounters with industry magnates like Marc Coucke. Sander Van den Dries reflects on the intricacies of full-time innovation and how it shapes the entrepreneurial landscape. Quite the ride because it brings us back to our entrepreneurial journey when we first won the SME of the year award.

This podcast series not only celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship but also provides valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs faced by innovators in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. It serves as a testament to the power of innovation in shaping the future.

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