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What is it you do, exactly?

As a business developer for the health department, I’m looking for new client companies that could benefit from our experience. Contacting them and discussing possible collaboration projects is part of my daily job. Once a project has started, I stay in close contact with the client to follow up on things, together with the project manager and the engineers working on the project.

Right now, I’m also responsible for expanding our health department. Within the medical and health sectors, I see a lot of potential for further growth. The COVID-19 crisis is a perfect example of the impact a medical innovation can have. Comate will continue to stimulate innovation and support clients in the development of their products. The development of these innovations is beneficial for patients and often society as a whole.

How would you describe the culture at Comate?

For me, Comate breaths innovation and technology. We have a group chat on WhatsApp with the whole team. Daily, they post new processes, new technologies, new ideas, and inventions. To quote Wouter, our founder, “You’re not just an engineer between 9 and 5”. That’s something that you can really feel at Comate. After hours and over the weekend, all my colleagues are constantly busy with technology and engineering. Innovation is an important aspect.

Other than that, it’s a very open and dynamic culture, very transparent and respectful. At Comate, it’s also “work hard, play hard”. Everyone in the company works hard, but we also have a lot of fun together. COVID-19 made that a bit more difficult, but the spirit remains. It’s definitely something that typifies our company in my opinion.

What makes Comate unique?

Our people are unique. One of the things that struck me was the quality of the people who work here. Our management attaches great importance to the selection of candidates, and it shows. The whole team here is highly-motivated and very good at what they do.

I also think that the combination between high-tech engineering and design – including styling, user friendliness, etc. – is something of great value.

Want to join our team?

Do you also feel the urge to tackle these kinds of challenges? To think, build, test? We are always on the lookout for gifted people to join our team!

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