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Active Implants

Our approach combines advanced technology with deep compassion, ensuring each implant makes a meaningful difference.

Which types of Active Implants?

Societal impact and life quality improvement

Our primary goal is to develop active implants that significantly enhance the quality of life. We concentrate on addressing health issues that have a profound societal impact, reflecting our commitment to improving lives through innovation. Something we've been doing in our healthcare department for over 13 years.

Successful cases demonstrating application and Impact

Drawing on successful cases like Nyxoah, Onward, and UNEEG, we showcase the practical application and substantial impact of our active implants. These examples highlight how our technology effectively addresses real-world health challenges.

Commitment to creating socially relevant health products

Our engineering efforts are centered around creating active implants that meet pressing health needs. This commitment drives us to innovate continuously, ensuring our products are relevant and impactful.


How we engineer Active Implants

User-centered design for implant site demonstration

Our approach includes collaborating closely with end-users, such as surgeons, nurses, clinical research specialists, and patients, to determine potential implant sites and accessory usage scenarios. This ensures our implants are optimally designed for their intended applications.

Advanced electronic design and biocompatible materials

We combine state-of-the-art electronic design with biocompatible materials. This blend guarantees that our active implants are not only effective but also safe and well-tolerated by the body.

Rigorous testing for safety and long-term stability

Our active implants are subjected to extensive testing, including assessments for biocompatibility, electrical safety, and long-term stability. These rigorous tests ensure the reliability and effectiveness of our implants.


Ensuring quality in Active Implants

Adherence to ISO 14708 and relevant standards

We strictly adhere to the ISO 14708 standard for active implantable medical devices. Our compliance with this and other relevant standards underscores our commitment to the highest levels of safety and effectiveness in product development.

Patient safety and device reliability as top priorities

In the engineering of active implants, our primary focus is on ensuring patient safety and device reliability. We aim to guarantee consistent performance and therapeutic efficacy, making patient well-being our top priority.

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