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Autonomous Systems

Our portfolio encompasses the development of every element of an autonomous system.

Autonomous systems at Comate

From mechanical and electrical design to custom controllers that operate robotics software and interact with virtually all available field buses. Our approach involves integrating perception, planning, and motion software that runs on ROS2 and middleware to interact with the mechanical components.


Our development approach

A base layer approach or complete custom integration

We offer either a base layer approach, where customers can build their own IP on top of our foundational systems, or a complete custom integration tailored to your specific needs. You may want to focus on the application but lack a suitable platform. Off-the-shelf platforms rarely meet the unique functional and interfacing needs of each project.

Comate has a proven track record in all aspects of custom autonomous systems through years of development in the domains of robotics software, firmware, electronics and mechanics. Together with our in-house certification expertise, we can guide you on an effective development path grafted on our experience and ensuring certifiably safe behavior from the start.

Modular building blocks

Our foundational systems exist in modular blocks that can be mixed and matched according to the application. This way we can, even for a complete custom development, take a number of building blocks off our shelf and combine them with open-source packages and your own software in a cost-effective integration.


Our commitment to safety and quality

Quality demonstrated through successful projects

We deliver consistent results, without surprises. We realize this through our time-tested development process, risk management and traceability tools. Our rigorous adherence to quality standards is evidenced by our ISO 13485 certification.

Certified machine safety engineers

Our certified Machine safety engineers and in-house certification team ensure that our machinery meets all regulatory requirements, facilitating a smooth certification process for both the EU and US markets.

Specialized design requirements

Does your robotic system require hygienic design? We have a deep understanding of the specific design requirements for food processing machinery, adhering to EHEDG guidelines, FCM regulations, and beyond. Our expertise ensures that our machinery not only complies with directives but also meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

Discover some of our cases



An autonomous robot gardener that can cut grass, rake up leaves and even plough snow

  • Winner of the pitchfire competition 2016
  • 12,000 pre-orders at the launch at GIE+EXPO
  • Successful in the US market
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Billet picker main

Pickit 3D

Smart device that makes it able to pick and place billets wherever you want

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