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Industrial Machinery

Comate is a trusted partner in the development of industrial machinery designed to automate complex industrial processes. Our machines are engineered to thrive in the demanding conditions of an industrial environment.


What is Industrial Machinery at Comate

Machines for automating industrial processes

Our machines are developed to automate key industrial processes such as component assembly, quality inspection, and material processing.

Lifecycle support: we are at your side. And will always be

We provide comprehensive lifecycle support for our industrial machinery, encompassing development, assembly and testing, certification, manufacturing, industrialization and ongoing service and support. It's been part of our DNA for the past +13 years.

Transforming your innovative idea into a turnkey machine

Our time-tested industrial machinery development track is tailored to convert your innovative ideas into turnkey machines. It combines our engineering expertise with your application knowledge. Our development starts from clear-cut functional requirements that we receive or capture aided by targeted concept design and feasibility tracks. These provide a structured approach to select and verify critical concepts and decide on the overall architecture. Eliminating uncertainty and risk this early not only saves time but also allows for efficient modifications post-initial testing, and a predictable project flow in later stages, optimizing the total development cost.


Machinery for industry professionals

We design for industry professionals, ensuring that the machinery is straightforward to produce, operate and maintain

Our long-standing client and supplier relationships and in-house assembly give us continuous feedback on the performance of our designs, translating in valuable experience with the entire production and lifecycle of our machines. You will experience this in thoughtful design choices that make our machines cost-effective and straightforward to operate and maintain. We introduce these early on, without adding cost and avoiding expensive redesigns at a later stage.

When your business switches gears, so do we

Whenever changing volumes demand new production routes, we’re committed to support you setting out the optimal one. Whether you are looking for a supplier pool, RFQs, supply contracts, design transfer, quality control or you want us to set up the entire industrialization, we’ve got you covered. And when everything is up and running, we stay at your side for engineering changes and product variants. Which is what we've been doing for +800 projects, and counting.


How we practice industrial machinery

Integrated engineering capabilities

Our in-house expertise encompasses mechanics, electronics, electrics, and software (both embedded, FPGA design, & PLC and robotics). This holistic proficiency grants us a competitive edge, allowing us to deliver integrated, cost-effective solutions that span hardware and software domains.  Our experience extends to serving startups, SMEs and corporates, makings us a versatile partner for companies of all sizes, from startups to corporates.

When standard industrial solutions do not meet the required functionalities or cost targets, our electronics and software teams are prepared to offer custom solutions.

Our commitment to quality

Certified machine safety engineers

Our certified Machine safety engineers and in-house certification team ensure that our machinery meets all regulatory requirements, facilitating a smooth certification process for both the EU and US markets. Our quality management system, based on ISO 13485, guarantees consistent high quality in our machinery development.

Specialized design requirements

We have a deep understanding of the specific design requirements for food processing machinery, adhering to EHEDG guidelines, FCM regulations, and beyond. Our expertise ensures that our machinery not only complies with directives but also meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

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