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Lab Devices

Our expertise lies in creating equipment that not only meets the rigorous demands of laboratory environments but also enhances the user experience through thoughtful design and cutting-edge technology.


What Lab Devices at Comate involves

Specializing in tabletop Lab Devices

We specialize in developing tabletop lab devices, perfectly suited for laboratory settings. Our focus is on creating devices that emphasize technical precision and ergonomic designs, facilitating efficient and accurate laboratory work.

Focus on devices with X-Y-Z movement stages

Our lab devices are designed with X-Y-Z movement stages, ensuring high precision in applications with 96-well plates and custom cartridge sizes. This precision is crucial for accuracy and repeatability in laboratory procedures.

Integration of optics and microfluidics

We incorporate advanced knowledge in optics and microfluidics as critical subsystems in our lab devices. This integration enhances the capabilities of our devices, broadening their applications in scientific research.


How we engineer Lab Devices

Designing aesthetic, consumer-like lab devices

Our approach to lab device design combines functionality with aesthetics. We aim for a premium look and feel, aligning high-quality designs with company branding to create engaging user experiences.

Microfluidic cartridge design for fluid control

We specialize in designing microfluidic cartridges, whether injection-molded or 3D printed, depending on channel size and tolerance requirements. This focus ensures efficient and precise fluid control for a range of applications.

Tailoring designs to client specifications and production scales

We adapt our designs to meet specific client needs, price points, and timelines. Our full-service development caters to both high and low-volume production, customizing designs to client specifications.


Ensuring quality

Integration of design and manufacturing for feasibility

We ensure a seamless integration of design and manufacturing in our lab devices. Our focus is on creating feasible and desirable solutions without compromising on quality.

Maintaining technical and product performance standards

At Comate, we uphold high standards of technical performance and product reliability. Our solutions are versatile and not limited to specific partners or methodologies.

Engaging in production with a focus on functionality and aesthetics

In the production of lab devices, we maintain high standards in both functionality and aesthetics. Our commitment is to deliver lab devices that not only meet the rigorous demands of laboratory environments but also appeal visually to users.

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