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Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is the cornerstone of industrial automation and machine construction. Our expertise extends to the design and implementation of control panels and associated circuits crucial for the automation of industrial machinery and processes.

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What is Electrical Engineering?

Design of control panels and circuits

Our control panels are composed of robust, industrial components from component manufacturers. These components are utilized for and take car of electrical power distribution, transformation, communication, and automation, including PLCs and motor drives.

Typically, our control panels are housed in industrial enclosures but can also be integrated directly into industrial equipment to conserve space, such as in autonomous vehicles, all while meeting safety and ingress protection requirements.

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How we practice Electrical Engineering

Efficient design work using E-plan

We leverage sophisticated design tools such as E-plan, including libraries and macros, for efficient and consistent engineering.

In-house assembly and testing of one off control panels

Unique control panels are usually assembled and tested in-house by the engineer who designed them. This allows for swift troubleshooting. When larger quantities are needed, we can seamlessly outsource control panel construction to one of our trusted partners to remain cost-effective. Our industry-standard E-plan schematics ensure a smooth transition.

Our commitment to quality

Compliance with international standards

Our electrical design engineers are all trained and certified as safety engineers by Pilz. Our electrical designs comply with international standards such as EN-IEC-60204-1 (electrical safety of machinery) and ISO 13849-1 (safety-related control systems for machinery), which are essential for CE marking.

In-house verification testing and validation

We are equipped to conduct in-house verification testing in accordance with the relevant standards. An approach we've been following for the past +13 years.

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