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Hardware sessions

You've been invited to join our exclusive Hardware sessions, an event 100% dedicated to hardware startups. Spots are limited to 15 participants, so be quick to reserve yours.

We want to boost the success of hardware startups and make hardware development in Belgium top notch.

During our exclusive hardware sessions, we give you the opportunity to meet and learn from other hardware entrepreneurs who successfully launched their product in the market (or are in the process of launching it). We'll discuss three relevant topics - chosen by the participants - together with experts and entrepreneurs who will share their lessons learned. You'll be able to ask questions about your own company, so you can leave with a giant leap forward and a head start. No strings attached.

We organize 2 sessions per year. If you want more information or if you want to participate in the next session, please fill in the form below. You'll receive a message with extra information. If the spots are already taken, we'll put you on the waiting list for the next session.

The next edition will be in Q2 of 2023. If you want to receive more information or if you want to register for a spot, please fill in the form below so we can inform you once the official registration is open.

Do you want to reach out directly? Get in touch via



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