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Comate accelerates initiative Herregodts brothers for simplified ventilator

11 April 2020

Development of a 'Corona ventilator'

The availability of medical ventilation equipment plays an important role in the battle against COVID-19. But the production of ventilators worldwide is currently taking up too much time to fulfill the current need. To solve this problem, Jan and Stijn Herregodts, two brothers from UGent are developing a simplified ventilator that can be produced in large numbers in a couple of days. “For the most severely affected corona patients, a ventilator means the difference between life and death”, says Jan Herregodts. Leuven-based engineering company Comate is currently supporting the development by reviewing the first prototype and optimizing the machine for production.

The mission of the ventilator is simple: Quickly bring simple but fully functional respirators to hospitals in need. The engineers and designers from Comate are using their expertise in Medical R&D and their experience with ventilator Evone to accelerate the development of the Corona ventilator. The ventilator is developed with components from different industries that are easily accessible to ensure fast production.