First COVID-19 ICU patients ventilated with Evone, a ventilator co-developed by Comate and Unitron, show remarkably rapid improvement

Two years ago, Ventinova Medical, Unitron and Comate Engineering & Design co-developed Evone, a ventilator with full respiratory control and higher efficient ventilation with lung protective potential. The innovative ventilator is currently undergoing a fast scale-up and is being used in the battle against COVID-19.

A number of COVID-19 patients with severe ARDS have received, or are still receiving ventilation with Evone. The first results show a clear increase on the Horowitz index – an important measure for respiratory status of a patient. Already in the 24-30 hours of FCV ventilation, an improvement ranging from 60% to 150% was observed. Although these results are preliminary and require further validation, they are perfectly in line with already described effects of FCV in ARDS.

Wouter Foulon, Founder of Comate: β€œIt’s very important to us that we are doing everything we can to play our part in the fight against COVID-19. Working together and sharing expertise is crucial during these challenging times.”

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