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Innovation in diamond sector accelerated thanks to exclusive collaboration HB Antwerp & Comate

23 April 2021

Antwerp, 23 April 2021 – Tech and Data company HB Antwerp has entered into an exclusive collaboration with the Leuven-based design and engineering firm Comate. Both companies are joining forces to re-invent the complete diamond value chain.

Comate, the Leuven-based engineering firm, is joining HB Antwerp’s proprietary ecosystem. HB's ecosystem unites companies and organizations that, thanks to their specific knowledge and expertise, are helping to execute the ambition of HB Antwerp, to bring simplicity, efficiency and transparency to the diamond sector.

It is not surprising that these two frontrunners have found each other. HB Antwerp's knowledge of the diamond sector combined with Comate's expertise and experience in developing successful products forms a strong basis for innovating the sector. Comate's innovative work within the engineering and design world fits perfectly with the innovative approach of HB Antwerp and their ambitions for the diamond sector.

Shai de-Toledo, Co-founder at HB Antwerp: “It’s exciting to welcome Sander and his team to our ecosystem and we are looking forward to collaborate on automation and AI in the diamond manufacturing process. It’s a great boost to HB Antwerp, and in particular for our 13-person strong R&D department. With our combined engineering power we are launching this year IoT applications, that will revolutionize the stone journey, from rough to polished diamonds.”

Sander Van den dries, co-owner of Comate: "The speed and doggedness with which HB Antwerp wants to implement its ideas and innovations creates a dynamic that we also value highly at Comate. It is this relentless ambition to want to do better every day that will ensure that we can put Belgium even more on the technological map."

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