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Why six years at Comate?

19 May 2020

Since this week, Joost Roels, one of our colleagues, has been working at Comate for 6 years. We asked him why.

Why six years?

My first two jobs turned out to be a bit boring after a while, it was always the same and there was no challenge. Here at Comate, all these things are no problem. We’re always pushing boundaries, doing new and exciting things. You’re constantly learning. In my opinion, this applies to all of our colleagues. Nobody is getting bored over here.

There’s also a constructive atmosphere among the colleagues. In a large company, there is on average more complaining and there is always somebody to blame. When we have a problem, the colleague who is involved, usually has a possible solution ready. That atmosphere is very contagious. Everybody is on the same page, or at least I have that impression. It is very motivating knowing that everyone wants to continue in that way. Instead of whining about things that aren’t working out. Having this work attitude is not as easy as it looks.

What do you enjoy the most?

The person who designs or comes up with something is also the person who is going to assemble and test it. It’s not like that in every company. Often the R&D department is separated from the physical work. A separate cell that does the assembling and then they complain if something is not right. Here you will assemble and construct the product yourself, after a long period of hard work and thinking, you are the one who is allowed to discover whether it works or not. If everything works out from the first attempt it is just wonderful. But if you encounter a problem, you can tackle it yourself and you will learn a lot from it.

What are you looking forward to in the post-Corona era?

I’m especially looking forward to not talk to my computer screen any longer. Being back face-to-face, sitting together in the same room and being able to talk. All current projects now go via Teams, which works fine, but it is less spontaneous. I am looking forward to everything going spontaneously again.

And going to the bar with the colleagues. That is just as fun as going to the bar with your friends, so I’m looking forward to that as well.

Want to join our team?

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