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Test and Measurement Equipment

We specialize in equipment that addresses complex automated test and inspection challenges. From a deep dive into the electronics of a sensor to a fully automated test rig with onboard data processing, we’ve got you covered.


What Testing and Measuring involves

Tackling automated test and inspection challenges

Our solutions are crafted to handle a variety of automated and partially automated test and inspection challenges, including quality control and reliability testing. Delivering accurate and reliable results is at the core of everything we do. This starts with the accurate selection of sensor technologies for your measurement challenge.

The integration into an automated test rig or instrumentation of an existing machine. Our automation system operates in sync with a data-acquisition and optional data processing system so that actions (such as ejecting products) can be coupled to with the test outcome. These solutions can be integrated into existing material streams or include material handling solutions.

Reliability testing applications

For reliability testing, our equipment is designed to expose samples to accelerated use cases. This process predicts real-life behavior over time while monitoring critical parameters like vibration, stress, and crack propagation. We implement intuitive graphical user interfaces and dashboarding where required, enhancing the user experience and providing clear data visualization.


How we approach Test and Measurement Equipment

Custom solutions and off-the-shelf hardware

While many challenges can be addressed with off-the-shelf hardware, we also provide custom solutions requiring bespoke electronics and/or software. Our strong relationships with sensor solution manufacturers - which we've been building up for close to 15 years - allow us to quickly evaluate existing solutions, including sample measurements. Our expertise in data processing is integral to the development of our testing and measurement equipment, ensuring accurate and meaningful data analysis.


Our commitment to quality

Certified machine safety engineers

Our team of certified Machine safety engineers ensures that all our testing and measurement equipment meets regulatory requirements, facilitating a smooth certification process for both EU and US markets.

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