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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a cornerstone of our expertise. Our approach is grounded in a deep understanding of diverse technologies,, production techniques and best design practices.

What Mechanical Engineering involves

Our team comprises close to 30 dedicated mechanical design engineers, bringing a vast array of expertise in various technologies, applications, markets, and production techniques. Our open company culture fosters the sharing and leveraging of this knowledge in each development project.

We possess a profound understanding of a wide range of production techniques, enabling us to design cost-effectively for both small and large production volumes and everything in between.

How we practice Mechanical Engineering

Our engineers use CAD and Simulation software. Our simulation capabilities allow us to predict a design's performance before it's built, reducing the need for multiple design and testing iterations.

Our mechanical engineers design, assemble and test prototypes themselves, which results in a steep learning curve and quick problem solving. Close collaborations with an extensive range of part manufacturing partners ensure short lead times, high-quality parts, and access to the latest production technologies.

When there is a need for fast design and test iterations, our in-house 3D printers enable us to manufacture prototype parts overnight.

Mechanisch Elektronisch Slimbox

Our emphasis on quality

Regulatory Compliance

Our in-depth understanding of regulatory requirements significantly reduces the risk of non-compliance. In-house pre-compliance testing capabilities, such as impact and IP testing, allow us to identify and address potential issues early and cost-effectively.

Quality Management

Our quality management system ensures consistency and traceability throughout the development and manufacturing process.

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