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Software Engineering

Our approach to software development is rooted in a deep understanding of its integral role in engineering solutions.


What Software Engineering at Comate involves

Firmware development for microprocessors

Our specialization lies in firmware development for microprocessors. We focus on low-level programming for controllers, often working in environments without an operating system. This expertise is critical for creating efficient and reliable embedded systems.

Expertise in PLC software within our mechatronics team

The mechatronics team at Comate is skilled in PLC software. We adeptly integrate control systems and automation, ensuring our engineering solutions are comprehensive and streamlined.

Advanced PC software development linked to hardware applications

While software development is not our primary focus, we engage in PC software development closely linked to hardware applications. This includes creating proof of concept for PC applications as an integral part of our hardware-centric solutions.

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How we practice Software Engineering

Agile framework for flexible and efficient development

We implement an agile framework in our software development processes. This approach enhances our adaptability and efficiency, allowing us to respond swiftly to evolving project requirements.

We have established frameworks for various controllers. This foundation enables us to concentrate on developing new features.

Our commitment to quality

Comate created a software development process compliant with IEC62304

Our software development process ensures traceability, of which our Source Control System is an integral part. Combined with automated unit, system and integration testing, we guarantee the reliability and quality of our software. A combination of both manual and automated code reviews are a staple in our quality assurance process. They ensure that the software we deliver consistently meets our stringent quality standards.

In the realm of medical software engineering, we adhere to the medical standard IEC62304. This compliance underscores our commitment to the highest quality and safety standards in software development, for every single case we take on.

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